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Healing for My People

With an educational background in behavioral/mental health, and marriage, couple & family therapy, I have been blessed with the experience of working with many children, adolescents, and families from Virginia, to Alaska, to Nevada, to Georgia. In 2016, however, the beginning of my re-awakening To Self called me to make some major changes to my life, which included working for myself and beginning the journey of holistic healing. From the start of my practice to my present work as a naturopathic reiki master and a naturopathic clinician, I have witnessed the truth of "Heal Thyself." I continue to honor this mission by doing the work within, first, and then sharing my Light with all those willing to receive so that we can continue to heal and rise in our Divine Cosmic Wholeness. ? May Healing for My People, LLC be a space of light on your journey.
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