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Where there’s food there’s joy, Cooking is an art, a skill unique to everyone, some people may learn the mastery of good cooking at an institution or some sort of informal training. A school of thought believe that cooking is a masterpiece of each person’s handwork…the taste of the food is determined by the hands that cooked it. Well that’s true, but today, cooking has been made so easy with different methods and techniques available to us and our exposure to other culture and lifestyle. Now with the help of modern technology, cooking has become so easy that anyone can cook like a professional chef with the right ingredients and the right spices. Whether you are cooking for yourself, the family or planning a party, the right spices, seasonings and blends will definitely bring the most distinct and unique flavor to the table. Join me in this journey as we experience different blends, spices, seasonings and flavored Olive oil. Growing up in Africa, I was familiar with mostly African Cuisine, but my late mom who studied at the New York Institute of Dietetics, was not only a chef but a nutritionist, She prepared meals that were very health specific but delicious, although as a child growing up in West Africa, I was used to English and American Cuisine. When my son was a toddler and he started to eat, I introduced the African food to him but he didn’t find it fascinating enough, he was used to school lunches which surprisingly he loved, I was compelled to learn and cook American cuisine and I added some non-spicy African flavors to my cooking just to be creative and so I can enjoy it too. For example, I started cooking Macaroni and cheese with a spoon of cinnamon powder and nutmeg to make it taste like oven-baked even when its not baked, the nutmeg added a taste of bake to it., I made spicy mac and cheese as well with a spoonfull of cayenne pepper added to the recipe so I could eat along with him, from there I started getting more creative as I incorporate my moms ideas and recipes in my everyday creative cooking.
Spices, seasonings, olive oil, balsamic, beverages.
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